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  • Hey saw you were at do you like it there so far? I got TX as one of my selection states.

    nice car list btw :p
    hey you posted "ABQ is not taking anymore OTS hires that aren't already selected. The only way there now is to be a CPC and ERR or if they put out a bid." is this still true?
    Have any news on the Abilene Facility? I'm scheduled to go there and I'm trying to find out how long I'm going to get to wait before they have an opening for me.
    When were you in the Marine Corps, and where were you stationed? As for me I retired in 2006 after 23 years 8 months active duty as an Air Traffic Controller and now work DoD/USAF in Florida.

    Hello. How do I join your group. I am trying to get hired on down there in Texas. I work in Alaska right now, contract tower, but Im having a kid so I am tryin to get back down south. Do you know if Houston is still hiring. I have had my application on ASAP for almost a year now and still no offer. Thanks for any help you can give.
    Hey im down here in Texas at NGP just wondering if i could join your group while i wait to be picked up with a VRA announcement. BTW Texas is my #1 geo pref.
    No, Ellington is a national guard base with commercial, ga, air guard, army guard, coast guard, nasa traffic. It's a DOD contract with a Dynamic Science Inc. Probably one of the best paid contract tower gigs out there. When I worked there in 2001 I was making in the 60's.

    How long you been in the FAA? What other facilities have you been at?
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