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  • 07/09 Pubnat 8
    11/09 AT-SAT
    11/10 GEO Pref
    12/21/10 Interview
    3/1/11 TOL to ZME
    3/2/11 drug test
    3/4/11 finger prints sent in & OMP questionnaire submitted
    3/16/11 physical & MMPI2
    4/21/11 Background cleared
    Still waiting on Medical clearances
    5/25/11 Medical Clearance recieved
    Now just waiting for FOL :)
    11/2011-told it would be June before there was an OTS class at the academy for ZME
    2/27/12 called HR and was told it would be July, not June
    4/2/12 got email for medical re-fresh & re-did drug screen & MMPI2
    4/3/12-called medical office to schedule with AME, no response yet...
    4/09/12-appt scheduled with AME for 4/10/12
    4/19/12-had to go back to AME to fill out a form, prolonging clearance :(
    4/25/12-Medical Clearance/Re-fresh recieved!! :)
    5/1/12-called to check in, was told cuts are being made, so if my class date does not get cut, still looking at a July date
    5/11/12- FOL for 5/24/12 Basics!!!!!!!!!!
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