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  • and yes, leesburg is no more than half an hour from rosslyn/arlington... GW parkway, beltway, old georgtown rd, rt. 7
    i dont know. if there is a CTI school on the island im sure that place will start to get more applicants from people who want to stay home, yes.
    ok.... i just saw your message to me from a few weeks ago. im not sure why you feel the need to argue with me on my drive time but i just drove it a month ago. i left my hotel in downtown DC and was at the facility in less than 45 minutes.... and that was downtown... would be evern quicker from the outskirts (arlington, alexandria, etc) where in the world are you getting 2 hours.

    and im not sure what your comment about me networking more is about.
    it takes years to get out of puerto rico. only go if you know you want to stay down there for a long time.
    Having contacts can help.

    The panels get all applicants at the panel that passed the AT-SAT. Depending on facility need, they will pick at random out of the WQ applicants starting with veterans. Then they will select WQ CTI grads. At this point I dont know if they selected WQ public hires or go into the Q CTI grads... not sure.

    If you are a public hire and there are enough facilities that are hiring in the states you picked, you may be picked up. Veterans and CTI grads are pretty much guaranteed a job as long as they pass the AT-SAT. Its just a matter of time.

    Public hires have a good shot with a WQ score, and those with a Q have a harder time. Hope that helps.

    I will be at Memphis Center.
    My husband took the test same day/location as you and just got his score- 91.1. Just wanted to update you and let you know it came in!
    ATC Facility Information - Air Traffic Control - ATC - Aviation

    Here you go! Oh and I forgot...I am re-taking the test tommorrow in Memphis.....Say a prayer!
    DANG....:( really :( that sucks! does it help to have the manager looking for your name at all...or you just have to get plucked out by the OKC HR team first? then the facility manager go thru that...??????????????? I just called the down to the PCT manager and spoke with his assistant (she is really cool BTW) I was going to talk to the HR lady there but she is out for the holidays...so imma call her back next week...but ummmmmm
    I am actually from Alaska but I live in Arkansas and I have probably been here long enough to say that I am from here. I have not gotten pass the referal list just becaue of my score. They HAVE to go thru VA then WQ before they can even touch a Q applicant. The HR department told me that it is rare for them to ever go to Q.
    It still may happen. I want to knw as soon as you get your score...good or bad...ok? I need a WQ as well andthat is what the manager here at the Little Rock tour said to me. I hope he picks me....I really did enjoy my tour.
    LOL!! There has to be something great about TX besides me being born and raised there. Just look at one of the post with the geo pref locations. EVERYBODY seems to be picking TX. They can have TX, I always wanted to live in FL on the beach somewhere. Dreams came true!!
    Hello, yes I am OTS. I actually started this process in Pubnat 2 and because I was just a Qualified applicant I had to wait a long time while everyone else got hired. Which is fine the time came and gone and I am ready now. I think. I have a question about the math portion of the test....Will there be a lot of uneven answers on the math test Also let me know your score when you get it. Also you asked me my exprience and I will tel you to read the forums but do not rely on them because most people are speculating when it come to dates and such unless you already know the truth. Me? I just call down to the HR Management in Oklahoma and ask them to look me up and tell me the dates. They now know me and so does the director. But that is a good thing and they have always been helpful and they are here to give any information that they have. I just do not think that many people actually have the guts to call them and I am not talking about the information line I am talking about management.
    I wasnt there with my sister but I know who he was talking to. they are rom NJ and one of them wants to go to the PR facility. I talked to them too. I was one of the .... 3 black girls with long curly hair....the last one to finish...lol. but thats good he got 70s and 80s...for some reason i could not get over 69 on that scenario thing! Like i said for me, the math was brutal! lol. I hope they do way everything else.lol. Im also thinkn i read that you are given additional points for college credits/degree on the test. I HOPE SO! i have a bachelors and a couple credits in my masters and could definatly do the test but the timing for fast for me in that section.

    IM sure your husband knocked it out the park ... specially if he was comfortable with the math portion :)

    chitownDmm: IDK how I did as of yet... we just took it friday. did u test yet? how did u do? how did you think u did before u saw ur score? lol
    OK- he told me he spoke with two girls that were sisters- don't know if that's you! Otherwise, he spoke with a couple of guys.

    It will definitely be interesting to see how the scores come up! I think they don't weigh the air traffic and letter factory stuff as much as the math. Oh, my husband just told me I had it wrong- he thought the scenarios were fairly easy- he got 70's and 80s. It was the analogies and letter factory that got to him.

    OK- nice chatting with you. I'm sure you did great!
    Whats your husbands name? i spoke with a few people that day. Im from DC. so my travels werent far...

    r u a controller?

    the hardest for me was the math...but only becuase it was timed and im not that fast at word problems.... i know how to do it but the speed without the calculator and paper or pin got me! lol. analogies was a lil wierd too. but dont think i totally bombed that one :) and the scenarios...i crashed 2 or 3 planes...and always ened with a score of upper 60s....angles and dials were the easiest for me :) and the letter factory wasnt too bad...but u have to have a genius photgraphic memory to score perfect on that one. but i think i did ok :)
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