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    BQ Unconstitutional?

    Ya if your personality sucks don't apply to be a civil servant, or retail for that matter
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    Phone Call from the FAA

    Don't worry about it then. Someone else got it.
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    Phone Call from the FAA

    Exactly that's what I'm saying. Don't believe enough that you see. And how can anyone lose a job they don't even have yet.
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    Phone Call from the FAA

    @ stusel So isn't that enough to qualify? The guy said he has 2 associated degrees. And 25 months of part time, or 12 months for you muy friend. That's enough time.
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    Phone Call from the FAA

    How many years of school dos it take to get 2 associates degrees?
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    Phone Call from the FAA

    So 2 associates degrees don't qualify? I thought 3 years of school or work was enough. 25 months of work and 11 months of school qualify you. You believe that guy?
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    Phone Call from the FAA

    So why are they calling in and asking you to send stuff in?
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    Phone Call from the FAA

    So everyone actuality went to their school, paid for their transcripts, uploaded them into a pdf file and submitted them? You're kidding. They want OFFICIAL transcripts. Not a copy. You'll see that when you get accepted you'll have to mail those in. You know the ones with your school's seal
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    Phone Call from the FAA

    College transcripts weren't requested before the bq. They need that after you get accepted. Why is everyone shocked that hr is calling for more paperwork? Lol
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    Facility Swap Request

    Current facility: ZNY Requested facility: JFK, LGA, TEB, ISP, EWR, FRG, basically nyc area.
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    Is there an official or non official medical do's and don'ts I can print somewhere? Edit: Never mind I found something here
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    Depression question

    Hey Wilco. It depends where you are xfering to. I xfered from ZJX to ZNY without a problem. I also had those same issues where I felt depressed at work, it did affect me, so I just put in an ERR. I didn't need a hardship xfer because its easier to go up north than it is to go down south. I...
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    RTF becomes Pass/Fail March beginning March 1, 2011

    No one cares about stuckmic as much as we do. Enjoying your snow days?
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    Yo yo yo PZ

    Yo yo yo PZ
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    Enroute Map and Non-Radar Problems

    Non radar is still pass/pass. I don't think they will ever make it a pass/fail. I was told by most instructors that if you bring over CPCs from centers who don't use it they would most likely do just as bad as most students do.