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  • I'm done with tech school and at my first base. Edwards of all places. Definitely taking your advice and hitting the books. I'm doing well and scoring high. Should only be like three or four months til I get my badge yayayayay! Thanks for the advice. How is work going for you?
    Wuttup gansta!. Nick focarelli from luke, did a year and a half contract tower in alaska with serco, headed to cape code for midwest in a month, noticed the message you posted about the tattoo and i knew that was you, haha.
    No...they froze hiring for a couple of months. I guess they're supposed to start up again in a couple of weeks. I'm just collecting unemployment for right now.
    Hey I just enlisted USAF as an ATC-I read one of your comments on admin's page. Do you have any advice for me tips--any help is much appreciated
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