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  • Yup just looked and I got it...just got to see how much a flight out to the big island is
    Ill def shot ya a txt tho man

    How do you like working at Hilo so far? I'm born and raised on Oahu and I'm just awaiting my TOL. I've been to Hilo a bunch of times and I know it's pretty boring. Is it pretty easy finding a place to rent? Good prices?

    How do you like working at Hilo so far? Are you co workers pretty happy. What's the vib of your facility? Do you know how much positions the facility has to fill?

    Thanks a lot. Hope to hear from you soon,

    hey i am looking to stay at isola bella with some one. is the open spot still available? please feek free to write me back at my personal email jmgarzafamily@yahoo.com or call me at 832.282.6837 thanks
    i put terminal only on my app. but i know that you will learn the tracon too after you check out on tower. the tracon acts like a center i think. i got diverted to hilo so no hcf for me
    Whats up man? i have a question for u. when u get selected for HCF, are u selected to work terminal or enroute or do they have u work all 3 facility types there? just trying to figure out more info on a possible hawaii option. Thanks, marc
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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