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  • Yeah I'm ready do get to OKC and get started. I am driving from the Charlotte area it's looking like about 17hrs for me. I have made reservations to stay at Isola Bella also. I will be there on the 31. I look forward to meeting everybody and starting a new career. See ya at OKV
    It takes about 10 weeks from the time you take the psyc to get you results, call your regional office and ask every few weeks for an update..they will call you and tell you when they get the results in...A class date depends on the hiring need of your facility, that's something your should talk to your hiring rep about. Where you heading too? Its basically a waiting game, but you will eventually be cleared...GL
    I took my Tier 2 psyc eval about eight weeks ago and thought that it went pretty good. However, I still didn't hear anything from the FAA. How long does it take before I get a class date or rejection letter? Or will they just leave me hanging? Everything else was done, medical, security, etc.... and was good.
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