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    Oregon EUG

    EUG - Facility Swap Request
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    Faa form 3330-43-1

    Thank you! "3. List every time you have you received a pay increase. For an up/down list tower/tracon." I thought we needed to put one of the listed abbreviations. (ARTCC, FSS, CT/S, CAB, R/C, or RAC). 'Tower/TRACON' seems too long to fit in the spot. Again on the 3330-43 instructions it...
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    Faa form 3330-43-1

    This is the link I was referring to in regards to the 'Selective Placement Factor'. General Policies: Application of Qualification Standards - Part 6
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    Faa form 3330-43-1

    I also have several questions about this form: 1. Do we put our own scores in the top right corner? 2. What is the 'Selective Placement Factor'? Options are 'Satisfied', 'Not Satisfied', or 'Not Applicable'. I'd be tempted to check 'N/A' since I don't know what it means, but it says in the...
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    05/10/2010 Tower

    My packet says I will be in the Tower class 05/11/10. (After Basics starting 04/07/10) FOL for FAI. OTS.
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    04/07/2010 Tower

    Re: 04/07/2010 Class Count me in! April 7th basics, then tower cab. Staying at Citadel. OTS PubAK.
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    Who let the DAWGZ out?

    So edgy they might even serve Mountain Dew with the hot dawgz.
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    Who let the DAWGZ out?

    Maybe it's hot dogs in the yard. Like a bbq. Or just the kind that's been rolling under heat lamps in a gas station for weeks. In that case, they would still be sticking to the hyperactive obnoxious advertising. !!!! COME TO THE OMGWTFHOTDAWGSBBQ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Who let the DAWGZ out?

    If they allowed dogs (not DAWGZ), or cats in my case, I'd probably stay here. Anyone have pics of what a typical apartment here looks like? Much different from the model pics?
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    Ramp Tower Question

    Re: Ramp Tower Question. HELPPPPPPPP Right. I've been doing ramp control/ operations for a regional airline, after working various ramp duties for a year or 2. Ramp control has been my favorite shift, very easy and laid back, but it starts at about $20k these days.
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    Red Bull Team Aims To Skydive From Space

    I think I will have to try that if this ATC thing doesn't work out. Unless Felix will let me jump with him.. :drool: :bowdown: :blush:
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    Yes we can... be canned? I hope my hope is not too audacious.
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    Email from HR: Hiring Status Update

    I vote for cheesy poofs.
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    Email from HR: Hiring Status Update

    Yes, got the same e-mail from RA this afternoon for the Western Services Region. TOL last august, and all clearances in last week. He even returned my call last Friday within a couple hours! Said it was looking like a class date in the 2nd half for FY2010, and would send me info when he finds...
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    Anyone want to switch offers??

    Anyone want FAI? I'll throw in -40F weather, the aurora borealis, and some delicious salmon. Would seriously consider FCM and ZMP since I'm in the area already. Would LOVE Hawaii, California, Colorado, Chicago area, or probably anywhere warm. Don't get me wrong though, still stoked to have a...