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    Relocating across country

    I'm in OKC now with my family. We are going from AZ to WA. I had NO money saved to move. I sold TONS of stuff including all of our furniture and appliances. I then used the money from what I sold to get a UBOX from UHaul and to live on until I got the first check here (about 3 weeks). We put...
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    11/23/11 EnRoute

    Holy moly! Get you butt out here, we are finally starting! I got into okc last night after 2 full days of driving. Pm me your cell #.
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    11/21/2011 Enroute Basics

    Go get 'em!
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    Thanksgiving At Isola Bella

    Are families welcome? When do reservations need to be made by?
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    3 Failed the En Route PV today

    Well I'm officially on edge. I'm going to be honest, I was thinking having some good aviation background (BS/AMT, CFII, Comm Multi Inst, RJ trained, and TONS of radio time) was a good indicator that I could handle it, but reading this is a good reality check. I absorb material by watching and...
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    Noob here. OTS with a class date I think...

    My personal recommendation: have all your ducks in a row, but don't commit to anything until you have the FOL. Call around and find where you want to stay. Figure out how you are going to get to OKC. If you have to get out of your current housing arrangements see what needs to be done there...
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    11/23/11 EnRoute

    Lets see, I got my FOL last Thursday, the Thursday prior to that I got the call schedule me for Nov, the Thursday prior to that I called and was told to expect Nov. Who do we got for this class so far? I count 4: smcchord -ZDC Grumman_74 - ZDC CirrusDriver - ZSE Niagra19 - ZSE
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    11/23/11 EnRoute

    FOL!!! Got moved to the 23rd from the 21st. I just put my notice in at work. I'm selling furniture like mad. This is so surreal! 3 years 4 months App to Class
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    11/23/11 EnRoute

    That's great, because I'm kinda thirsty. I totally forgot the deal we made about buying drinks.
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    11/21/2011 Enroute Basics

    woooooo hoooooooooo!!! Got a call today, I'm in for 11/21. OTS PUB5, TOL ZSE 07/2009
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    Seattle Center - ZSE

    See you there Cirrus! I got 11/21! 3 years 4 months from app to class.
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    Timeframe After Selected

    yup yup, its not a bad thing for me, I had a baby in the meantime and I wouldn't trade him to go back and do a redirect.
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    Timeframe After Selected

    I don't know about average, but I have been waited 2.5 years since selected for enroute
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    Moving to facility by way of OKC

    Looks like we are selling 95% of everything we own. I'm online listing stuff now. We are sending what we can fit in 300 cu ft in a moving pod up to ZSE. Then my husband, my son, our dog, myself, and anything we absolutely need for 4 months is going in our car. That's right, we are moving...