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    Pay and Downgrade Question

    What happens if a facility is downgraded and my current pay is above the payband for the new level? What happens to my pay and future raises?
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    New Contract

    Big time!!!!
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    New Contract

    My farep mentioned something about being able to use all your leave in a year that you're going to earn, implying it would be guaranteed and probably bid. Anyone know anything about this?
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    FAA Tower Closures?

    Haven't heard a thing. It's been quiet, too quiet. I hope they tell us something soon, one way or another.
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    interested in atc. Want to known the fastest way to get hired. how to improve chances of getting hi

    You want to become an air traffic controller..... Join the military. They will train you, they will give you experience, and they will PAY you. Unlike any cti school I've ever heard of...
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    Heres the list.

    I wonder when they're going to give any info about the FAA towers that were on the closure list.
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    DOT Meal Allowance Tax Deduction?

    I, and probably 80+% of my facility, have used this deduction for years without a problem.
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    Controllers in a closing tower

    Anyone hear anything about when the FAA towers on the list would close? The rumor I'm hearing is we should expect a 1 year notice between now and end of sept.
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    Military time and retirement

    From what I understand at 30 years all 30 years are calculated at 1.7. I'm not sure if military time over that is also 1.7 or 1
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    Lvl 6 Tower: AG to CPC.

    If you cant get checked out in a level 6 tower only in less than a year than there's somthing wrong
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    Blood pressure max

    I was on lisinopril when I was hired 10 years ago.
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    pilot broadcasts obscene rant with stuck mic

    Was just about to say that! Only thing this pilot should of been retrained on is how to operate his mic.
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    SM android ap

    I use Tapatalk to surf another forum. It's a great app!
  14. Nick Mobile?

    +1 for Tapatalk app