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  • Hey Nikki, a lot of people from later protected training dates are being bumped up to January 16. Some are even calling and requesting it and being bumped. If you're interested, you may want to look into it. Hopefully you'll be notified when I send this message.
    nd no, I haven't gotten a hold of Mr Clayton yet, I don't think many people have lol. I emailed him once and left a voicemail. I don't want to call too much because he's already swamped and I think people calling over and over is whats bogging him down. But I'll probably try again on Monday. Everything else has either been scheduled or is done, so that's the last thing I need to do. Oh, and I specifically waited till Tuesday to do my fingerprints because that was supposedly the only day the local police station does it, and then I get there and they tell me they don't do fingerprints anymore and referred me to a private firm. So I hope that won't be an issue either. I tried to contact my POC about it but haven't heard back. Ugh, this whole process has just been frustrating. I can't wait till its all behind me. Good luck with finishing yours! Hopefully we'll both hear back from Mr. Clayton soon. I'm anxious for that class date!
    It wouldnt let me message you, so I'll wrote you here lol. Yeah, it took me a long time to fill mine out too! I was starting to worry I wasn't gonna get it done within the 10 days. Today is Day 9 so I barely made it lol. This has been the most hectic month and it didn't help that my computer kept acting up. I just finished it this afternoon but by the time I did my POC was already out of office. And its a Friday so she probably won't be back in till Monday :( I sent her an email though; I hope it wont be a big deal. Its probably not THAT serious, but I'm just really paranoid. I wanted to do everything right the first time so there wouldn't be any delays. I just don't know how I managed to mess that up!
    Hi Nikki, I was wondering if you've received the pre-emp package yet? I see a lot of other Jan 2016 people receiving them but it seems we are some of the last ones still waiting
    Hey Nikki! I think I found the answer to your per diem question. As long as I am understanding correctly, and as long as it hasn't changed recently... but the way I understand it is, as long as you pay out of pocket, you will get reimbursed your full per diem even if your receipt reflects less than what the per diem rate is. However, if you use a government credit card, the FAA will just pay up to what your bill is. SO, if you want to get the most out of your per diem, you would either need to find a place that is cheaper than what the FAA allots you or split the bill with a roommate, AND pay out of pocket (don't use a government credit card, or they will only pay the exact amount of the bill and you won't get to keep the difference). Hope that helps!
    By the way, sorry for all the typos. Was writing on my phone during my break and was kind of hurrying. As far as the roommate thing, I definitely think its a good idea to get a roommate or two that you can study with. Just make sure you pick people who are serious about it and don't just want to party lol. The good thing is its going to be so cold in January, we probably won't want to go anywhere anyway haha.
    Hey Nikki! No problem. Its weird that they only allow 5 messages. Anyway, I went to CTI school (well technically am still going) but looks like I probably won't finish. If I get a job with the FAA I don't really see the point lol. But I did finish all my aviation courses. Never did sims though, I wish I would have. Like you, my dad was at air traffic controller but for the FAA, not the military. I got to go to his facility a couple times and thought it was really cool. :) But I'm a lot older than you (28) so it wasn't something I decided on right out of high school. I never really even considered in until about 3 years ago, when I was talking to my dad about wanting to go back to school and not be stuck in a warehouse job forever, but I didn't know what I wanted to do. ATC never crossed my mind, but he suggested that I look into it, and the more I did the more I realized I would really love to do this for a living. So I spontaneously quit my job and moved to be close to my school lol
    Hi Seth, my name is Nikki. I am purely OTS how about you? Do you have info on the places to stay over there? Also do you know good places to pick for a facility after the academy? I was reading that some places had high wash out rates so definitely did not want to pick one of those. I selected west coast as my 1st choice, how about you? Thanks for reaching out! hopefully chat more and see you in Oklahoma!
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