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    Train dispatcher bnsf

    you shouldn't have said no to those, because after a few years of being there, you can bid on jobs here in Ft. worth once you get your seniority up. If you say no they're most likely going to give you the boot. you might have lost your chance at that point. Sorry to hear you guys didn't make it...
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    South Florida Train Companies?

    dont look for just the minor rail lines that will be there, look for major railroads that go thru florida as well, or any of the bordering states, cause even if you're not HOME HOME, you can be close to it.
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    Empire Builder

    if you're waiting on sidings for freights, its cause the subdiv's are getting locked up and they need to clear it before they can get you to the next one.
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    BNSF projected HIRES

    if you're gonna say my name wrong, atleast spell it the right wrong way...
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    Competition for train dispatcher jobs

    Re: competition? what matt said... when did you get on SM?
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    Competition for train dispatcher jobs

    Re: competition? depends on how they are hiring... if you're in a paid class, you're an employee, so theres no competition. If you're in a class that you must pay for and there's 15 people in it, but only 10 openings, its seriously competitive, they can only take 10 so there's 5 people assed...
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    Referral List

    congrats guys!
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    Applications that require experience

    it would be more like futurama and the simpsons... same style, same artist, different story line...
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    Applications that require experience

    its just hard not to compare when they're both so much the same yet both completely different.
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    what do you konw about these NAS for a CTO?

    ya i wished i could have been stationed there.
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    Applications that require experience

    i mean it requires the same amount of thought, some trains just like planes have higher priority so they need to get somewhere first, trains can stop where planes cant, but you can only either hold the main track or put in siding unless its double track or triple +, other than that you cant turn...
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    Applications that require experience

    when i took a tour of houston tracon last year, i was suprised at how different it was and how much of the same it was at certain times also, completely different styles of controlling, yet both radar (tracon and facsfac) vectoring and basics etc, all the same, how they do their operations are...
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    Referral List

    well get a bit of seniority and then move to where you want, when you want.
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    UP Test

    yup, just keep in touch with the schedulers.. the're like your best friend...