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  • Hello, I'm currently a junior and in high school but I intend on being an ATC. I've been searching the web for few days and I can't seem to find out if I as an US citizen can work internationally like the UK. Hope to hear back!
    Hi Noid,

    I noticed you mentioned Diego Garcia as being a great place to get a CTO. Orders to DG are only 12-month orders though, would that be enough time to get a CTO if I asked to go there out of A school? Can you extend those orders since it counts as sea duty?
    Re: Employee Requested Reassignment

    I used an FAA Memorandum letter head.

    Do you know where I can find FAA Memorandum Letter head or do you have any example of the letter for Employee Requested Reassignment.
    Hi Richard,

    May I have the HR contact info you have for FSS? I would like to go ahead and submit a resume as soon as opening appear. Thanks
    Hi I saw your post about NAV Canada and I was curious as I didn't see any information that said they restrict applicants without Canadian citizenship. Can you confirm/deny this? Great post btw.
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