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    ERR Resume?

    No, the OF-612 is a substitute for a resume. I would recommend using the USA Jobs template because that is the format the FAA is looking for. Also, if you ever apply for a job posting on USAJ, it's the preferred method to make sure you have all of the information they request (ie, missing...
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    Application Status Update

    You cannot be officially DQ'd before the end of the announcement because you can update your application as many times as you'd like prior to the bid closing. HR cannot look at the application until it has closed. I have called and asked on past job announcements to make sure everything looked...
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    Downgraded Facility Pay

    save facility level and save pay is for two years.
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    StuckMic Upgrade

    His lifetime membership was revoked.
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    The Service Director trumps the District Manager, correct. I remember a situation where the DM had to get approval to replace a new hire slot with an ERR.
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    Facility Consolidation?

    If you're at A80, sure you do. Once you went down to one scope for Links/AHN, you've got the room for it. All the fun that is Masters could be yours. With the way staffing is, the only way for people here to move up might be to move the radar and contract the tower. Tell LT Go Gata!
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    Allentown, PA - ABE

    Does anyone here work there?
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    KDAB Feb 11 Class

    Yeah, MCO just pulled 4 off the list. I missed that boat as well (along with 2 other facilities that pulled a list around the same time). I know of someone who missed the DAB ERR list, so if they don't pick up enough, they can pull another list.
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    ERR Cover Letter

    I've filled a few recently. Ok, a lot. I use an FAA Memorandum letter head. The body is very basic: The following information and forms are filed in accordance with Employee Requested Reassignment for Air Traffic Control Specialist (ATCS) at XXX, (name of facility).
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    Facility Consolidation?

    Same here. At least once a year, going as far back as some of the old timers can remember, there is a rumor that our TRACON would be absorbed into either the LTRACON on one side or the TRACON on the other in the next state. Sometimes the LTRACON hears this rumor on their side, but nothing ever...
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    Ztl- tol

    As of yesterday, ZTL is not planning on picking up any for FY14 unless there is a change in how the FAA counts for staffing.
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    Looking for information on East Africa ATC Kenya Civil Aviation Authority East African School of Aviation Kabansora Road, Off Airport North Road, Embakasi P.O. Box 30689 00100, Nairobi, Kenya Tel. 254 020 82602-7 Fax 254 020 823699 Email: Website: Welcome toThe East African School of Aviation
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    Contract tower closures

    The Flight Service contract with Lockheed has already been paid for. They may not renew the contract when it comes up, but they will not shut down anytime soon due to the sequester.
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    2013 Sequestration?

    ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ) calm down
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    FAA Academy shutting down April 1st

    Re: Academy shutting down April 1st Last thing from the manager's telcon was the Academy was closing Apr 1. This was before the furlough got pushed back a pay period, so not sure if that will affect the Academy.