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    Call for Release Program Tower/TMU Procedures

    MR! What's happening buddy, I haven't seen you on here in a while ... I went from Whiting to NYC been up here over 3 years now and I've been a TMC for a few months .... To try and answer your questions, you are correct about your theories. With so few flights most times you will be immediately...
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    All >30% disabled vets, Need your help.

    Exactly 10% but less than 30% at least 10% fir 10 Points
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    Chicago O'Hare Tower - ORD

    Thanks for the response! I will pursue further however timely release dates out of my facility are very tough to get these days, hopefully we can work something out before I go gray lol
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    Chicago O'Hare Tower - ORD

    How is the staffing at ORD nowadays ?? I've seen and applied to the vacancy announcement that said many openings just wondering how many they are looking to pick up? Any info is greatly appreciated !
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    Hurricane Sandy effects on ATC?

    Anyone see those pics from LaGuardia? That place was underwater!
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    All >30% disabled vets, Need your help.

    It actually is 10% or above for a 10 point preference.
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    Re: Pns tracon Not much brotha .... When do you check in down there? It's funny how everyone is dispersing throughout the country lol
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    Re: Pns tracon What's good fellas?? WV I'm glad MS gave you da hook up, good luck out there bro FedEx all night longgggg lol ..... Butt Dart!!! You still in Cuba? Congrats on your date, GPT is a breeze .... Bigga you on Terminal yet? Hit me up if you guys got any questions about anything ...
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    Touch and go behind a small+/large departure

    Another prime example of those lawyers that sit behind a desk and create rules for us to abide by ..... meanwhile they have no clue about our job we do day in and day out!
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    departure followed by full stop opposite direction

    Just a cautionary advisory is issued here. That's just for the possibility of encountering turbulence. The only mandatory times occur behind heavy/B757 only, everything else is waiverable ...... The opposite direction 3 min. Rule is for successive departures as well. Whenever in doubt issue...
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    Short Final

    Wow .... its the little things in life lol
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    Pilot and controller

    The answer is NO!! nice wet dream though kid .... Maybe you should play video games like Flight Simulator and VATSIM for a living that's even better than free you gotta pay for it !! Howboutit?
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    KSTS anyone?

    I was at the Academy 2 years ago with someone going there .... Supposedly on the border of very expense and affordable but with the expensive benefits with the locality ... Haven't heard much from that guy I could only assume he is certified by now and maybe on to a higher level facility?
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    haha reminds me of a funny story when a frantic pilot reported he needed to return with "Cock in the Smoke pit" ..... oh it was tough maintaining my professionalism!
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    The 45-Foot Paper Airplane

    this is hilarious!