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    Washington GEG

    GEG - Facility Swap Request
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    03/06/2012 rtf

    I will be there
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    04/20/2011 Terminal

    Re: 4/20/2011 Terminal Haven't got mine yet....but hopefully today it will come in the mail. Hey for you guys that are staying at Kim's Place are you doing the $39 deal without food or $45 deal with food?
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    04/20/2011 Terminal

    Re: 4/20/2011 Terminal Hey I got my FOL via email today! I was starting to worry a little bit...
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    04/20/2011 Terminal

    Re: 4/20/2011 Terminal Hey guys I don't have a FOL letter yet either....I was just verbally given the class date for the 20th. I don't want to add to the panic but I was told the reason I haven't been issued a FOL yet is because they are reevaluating the class numbers (whatever that means). I...
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    TOL to FOL POLL!

    I am really happy it finally came through because I was starting to get really frustrated. Yeah that's too bad.....but hopefully I will run into someone I know down there. I hope training is going okay for you!
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    04/20/2011 Terminal

    Re: 4/20/2011 Terminal thanks! Headed to Great Falls tower in Montana.....I have been waiting on a class date for 16 months. I am looking forward to meeting all you guys at OKC.
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    TOL to FOL POLL!

    16 months TOL to FOL!
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    04/20/2011 Terminal

    Re: 4/20/2011 Terminal whoooo just got word yesterday that I will be in this class!!!!
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    Next Fiscal Year 2012!

    I'm CTI and received my TOL for MT in Nov. 2009....I am still waiting too. I was suppose to have a slot this year but due to "budget cuts" I lost it. I am a really patient person but it's almost ridiculous at this point. What's more frustrating is I can't EVER get a hold of my HR rep to get...
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    Why doesnt the FAA hire for individual facilities?

    Does anyone know why the FAA doesn't just advertise job announcements for a particular facility?
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    Timeline between TOL and FOL

    AT-SAT May 2008, TOL Nov. 2009, FOL still waiting.....I was told maybe sometime after next April 2011
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    Has anyone had to retake their medical for a class date?

    I took my medical a year ago and I am still waiting on a class date. They sent me an email saying that your medical is good for two I guess you would have to retake it after two years.
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    Flight experience with Q score

    Yeah I am not sure if the FAA will give you any more preference based on your flight experience or not. I would hope it would count for something because at the end of the day it's aviation experience. I went to a CTI school and my flight experience gave me a much better understanding of what...
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    is this dan from UND?

    is this dan from UND?