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  • Well thanks for the heads up Ryan. It was a breeze by default. The guy who was supposed to interview me was sick and his replacement had a meeting 30 mins after I got there. lol Very easy and stress free. I'm definitely not planning on OKC any time soon but the sooner the better. Do you have any tips for preparing for OKC? I'm trying to read the 7110 but sometimes it's hard to apply it without someone putting it into plain English. lol
    Hey Opie thanks contacting me about ZDC. I go for my interview tomorrow, March 1st. Pretty excited about it after 3 months of waiting. lol I will definitely be in contact with you as various things come up. Thanks for contacting me. I do have one question right now. How long did it take you from the time you had your interview to the time you made it to OK?
    Cool. Although you might be the one telling me... still getting used to the whole having a baby thing and realizing that it takes 30 minutes to get pretty much anywhere. (504) 233-2330.
    That sounds pretty good. Drop me a line on FB or here, let me know when and where, might make it.
    11810. Across the street from where we saw you guys. Just listen for dogs barking or a baby crying, that's us.
    Good to finally meet you today, sorry I had to run out fast... was late for the NATCA meeting.
    I'm so awesome that I ponied the quote instead of the actual post. But don't worry, I just fixed it so all the world can know that the pink one is my favorite My Little Pony IN THE WORLD suckazzzzz.
    Yeah, exactly. Here, it's SEA or PDX. PDX would be all right, but SEA doesn't really call out my name or anything. You'll just be saying "Alaska flight ____, Horizon flight ____" all day long.
    Can't remember the states, but I think AZ was one, yeah. Not WA though. And she was ZSE for sure... gave me a hard time for accepting a redirect from there to ZLA. That's okay, I'll give her a hard one when she's waiting forever to get in.
    Yeah, that was it. Just curious. I know Niagara got ZSE after listing east coast places, but didn't think it had happened to you too.
    Hey, did they ever tell you why you ended up being offer ZDC after you put down AZ and NV as your prefs? Just another one of those placement flukes?
    e-mail me your phone #, i'd like to know what you think the timeline for the remainder of this process. looks like we'll be going to class at the same time, given our tol's showed up on the same date! Pilotmx5@yahoo.com
    Congrats on the interview!! Have you been scheduled for it yet? Aside from general HR questions do you have any idea on what to expect? And does it have big make or break leverage? LOL, sorry to be asking so many questions but you seem to be pretty well acquainted with this whole process and any information helps. Mind if continue to pick your brain?
    hellloooo punk do you not like us anymore here??...man we used to have so much fun talking in the chat room... hit me up here or on facebook or myspace or aol or one of the many places online since i have no life whatsoever....lmao.... oh yeah um i STILL havent gotten picked up but that bastard brendan did....oh shit he might see this......bwaahahahahaha
    Hey man, congrats on the TOL. I was a little worried about you getting a new one after the Alaska fiasco... glad you made it through.
    I dont know what the Pubmat (sp) is- i applied under VRA. My application says i was selected so now im just waiting for the email and interview.
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