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    Applicants calling ACD

    Applicants calling ACD Silly me for thinking this was some weird post about ARTS Color Display and not just another pointless hiring question that floods StuckMic.
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    Opposite direction departure problem...

    delay them long enough so you can keep working and eventually they'll see things your way and taxi to the other end. thats how its done.
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    Forgetting Material

    OKC is a mickey mouse game. youll be fine.
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    nextgen = bull
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    OKC School Tips?

    don't drink and drive.
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    T-28 Down At W. Virginia Airshow

    the remaining five T-28s performed the missing man before landing. sad.
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    downgrade (and a few upgrade) list?

    Pretty sure ZAB is a 9 already. Edit: Nvm, its 10.
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    downgrade (and a few upgrade) list?

    i have faith that this site can produce the list before tomorrows 3pm EST telcon
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    FAA Facility Reclass

    word on the NATCA BBS is that the telcon has been moved to tomorrow, 3pm eastern.
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    Washington DC as a Geo Pref?

    The DC hub is different than DC geo pref. Most big cities with several ATC facilities are organized into hubs with a hub manager that oversees everything. Thats what hes talking about. As far as geo prefs are concerned, if you want DCA, put down VA.
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    ARTS/STARS Guide

    don't put j rings up. just eyeball it.
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    Hiring Number for 2012

    best go get a second degree