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  • Hey. I noticed an old post about a rotating schedule. Any chance you can send a copy of it? My facility is considering 8 hour days with rotating RDO's. Thanks.
    Hey, I have a question that you may be able to answer.... You say they would have no problem hiring...say.. an army warrant heli pilot in the guard while being say... an enroute controller?
    three questions:
    1st: If i get a job in Baghdad center for 1 year, can i enlist and start my time when i get back.(will take a year atleast to just start my job with the FAA if i get hired.)

    2nd: Do i still get to buy my time back for my FAA retirement if i join the guard? Can i also get the guard retirement and the 10years of active duty added to my FAA ret.?

    3rd: I have transferred my MGIB to my wife and daughter, i need 3 years of service left. Selective service counts, but if i go into the guard and then go to Baghdad, will this show i haven't joined and i will have to repay my money back. Not found anywhere in the MGIB website.

    Thanks alot.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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