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  • who verbally told you that you were cleared. did you call HR and ask them for an update on everything or did they contact you and let you know. The reason I'm asking is because I know everything including my background check is complete as of friday and am just curious if there is gonna be any hold ups with anything else pre employment or if im just waitin to class up.
    Hey man, How did you know what facility you would be taking the MMPI at? and is there a number to the scheduling lady??

    Would you send me the hiring/panel diagram you mentioned in one of your recent posts? I am starting CTI school in fall 2011, would graduate fall 2013 at age 29... email:

    Hey, not that you or anyone else would want to live in west virginia but the facility that is trying to pick me up is losing some people and west virginia always needs people because noone wants to go. Just thought I would let ya know man...good luck
    Here you go: Terminal Man | Autopia |

    They're in reverse chronological order. They start off kind of weak, I think, as I was kind of told what to write about at first before they loosened up on the reigns and trusted that I wouldn't bore people to death or whatever. The one with the dog picture is everyone's favorite, it seems.
    They're wanting me to keep contributing when I can. There's still another post or two I need to get up there, but I got swine flu and that put things on hold.

    Did you follow the series any? You sort of had a direct hand in it, you know.
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