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  • Thank you! You're information has been so helpful, and not like others, who post "if you look at your resources... blah blah blah". I search this site high and low and don't really find all my answers, some of which I don't even know the questions for... So Thank you!!
    Haha, thanks man. Nah, no date still. Looking like October at the earliest, maybe later. I've been trying to nail down short term jobs... been doing Census training this week, for one. That's a pretty sweet gig if you can get into it; it pays great. Plus, they love the vets. If you need work...
    Yeah, back in August. Headed to ZSE. Went ahead and moved up here in February so we could get settled and the wife could get going on a job... even though it may be a long time before I actually start, heh. What're you gonna do.
    Yes, I have several times. Most recently, I sent an email to get their response in writing, and they called me concerning it. Basically their response was blaming it on "air traffic" the people who come to the panels saying they have authority to choose who they want.
    Haha, I'm in. Actually thinking about the possibility of doing something similar this September... just in the idea phase right now, though.
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