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  • Whats up? sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I lost my password for SM. As I'm sure you've heard the base is staying open. Who listens to NPR anyway???? LOL

    take care
    still haven't heard anything...stephanie and I booked a trip to vegas may 25-29...you and debra should come and get away from everything...that would be tight like your myspace.
    Hey man,

    Your trainer at the center worked in Kabul for a little while. Nice guy, spoke very highly of you for some reason.


    I still live in a box.
    Merry Christmas. Did you any time off? This is Zach's first Christmas, right?
    Just wanted to drop by and say, "I love you."
    I have my flt physical and whiz quiz today, took the night off work (1730 - 0400) so I can get the E-QIP done, and will stop by a police station on the way back from being in Indy to ink the fingerprint cards. Then.... the waiting game really begins.

    As far as us lost boys, we can slowly use our FAA resources to re-build our crew, except now on a national scale, as this is sooo much bigger than just 4-0-3-5 killa hill now (by a pay multiple of 3-4ish). Livin' like rock stars, trashing hotel rooms.... yepp.

    That is the life now :party:

    Happy belated USMC Birthday!! :salute:
    that's funny...i already bid and got a week off in the middle of july...haha
    Your gay...let's get the old "killa hill" crew and beach house bunch back on here and kick it old school...jeromy text me the other day and wants to try and set up a yearly reunion with all the old folks from NCA...this would be a perfect place to coordinate all that stuff.

    Lata playa hata.
    Pat, this guy is shooting for the "big time", ORD Tower. In process for it now, with physical scheduled for Tuesday Nov 11 @ 1445L. They are going to call me tomorrow (10 Nov... happy birthday Jar-Head!) for the drug test (is walk-in). Still awaiting info. about the MMPI2, though.

    Packet is completed, minus the eQIP (in progress), and being sent via next day Wednesday AM.
    Thanks for the offer. It's a slow process right now, I'm trying to get into a location that is well staffed. Push comes to shove as I get closer to 31yo I may have to widen my areas of consideration. See you're in New York, what facility?
    Class is going very well and I am enjoying it very much! How are things for yourself?
    I miss you, please come home to me.
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