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  • You're not in the same boat as me quite yet. Talk to me in 3 years when you still haven't been hired. hahaha I put OH and IL this past time I believe. Retaking the AT-SAT this spring, we'll see how it goes!
    Mine too...I saw it in theater and I was expecting it to suck but by the end I was laughing so hard I couldn't see straight!
    At least you're using a good strategy, most peeps choose a #1 pick and one of the four NY, CA, TX or FL. Some even use 2 of the bigger states like I did. You'll get in, no worries.
    HAHA, I was wondering when that question would come Pete. I have it on most active peeps profile, not everybody. Have you been touring facilities lately? Which states are you going to apply?
    That's what I'm talkin about Pete!! Network! If you're not in yet please be sure to contact me prior to the next panel.

    I am currently attending the CTI program at Texas State Technical College-Waco (TSTC). I am pursuing a A.S. in Air Traffic Control/ Management. if you would like any more info, let me know
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