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  • lol I don't really know but that's one of them. If I stumble upon some I'll let you know.
    probably no overtime. but with the new contract we get paid for major holidays. But congrats. You'll have a lot of fun. Let me know when you get your start date
    Hey man...was told I would be getting my start date here this week! Just was wondering what the holidays are treated like, and also is there ever avaliable overtime?
    Ya I don't wanna get to excited untill I receive that welcome packet but I'm totally looking foward to it, big change moving from brooklyn but I'm young so why not. Best of luck with everything and ill be sure to you bug you about another question soon.
    oh okay good deal, ill give the investigator a call tomorrow and see whats going on with the sf85, how do you like the job? Making and progress in getting your foot in the door for atc?
    The eqip is a pretty lenghty form correct? All I did was give my name soical and facility pretty much for faa and dot and he said he would return the form signed by a sponsor and he will enter my name in the system so I will have acces to the sf 85...I guess ill just sit back and let it happen...thanks for all the help again
    Hey well thanks for asking....w the faa in just waiting on my first panle..made referral list for both states...unfortunately I didn't get the pct rpo gig but right now I am currently undergoing a background check w l30 for the rpo slot....I got a email from atcots investigator to send in my eqip stuff for the dot and faa background checks but have yet to hear see anything about the sf85.... I faxed in my eqip oct thirteenth....wat do you think will b the next step and any idea when I may hear? Also im taking the eqip consent for background check is a pretty good sign I got the gig do byou agree? Sorry about the long response just super pumped
    Ya. I really cant think of a better way to wait then to be an RPO. I graduated CCBC in may so im sure ill be waiting a couple years.
    cool man, appreciate the info.... I am an applicant for Patomac tracon. Seems like a great facility. Are you school an RPO? How did you like the position
    I'm pretty sure everyone needs to do the HireRight application to be considered for the position. It's a good thing you did it cuz now you'll officially be on their list of candidates but I have no idea if it means they'll hire you. The next step in the process would be to complete the background check and piss test. If you get selected for the position you'll get an email from some dude explaining that process. Until then, good luck. Btw what facility did you interview for (for the RPO)?
    Hey man, just stumbled upon your RPO post.... I had a phone interview Last monday and today out of no where i get the hireright application and send it out the same day..... Is the hireright app a good sign that i got the job or do all applicants get it... dont expect u to no all this jazz but would love any info you would give me!! thanks man!!!!- mike
    Just curious where in Kentucky did you're roommate get and would you or him be willing to swap for Little Rock, AR Level 8 Facility
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