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  • Hi Phil,

    I'm AD USMC ATC at MCAS Beaufort
    Applied VRA January 2013
    Received "golden ticket" email 1 February 2014
    Returned pre employment forms 3 February 2014
    Birthdate: 11 March 1983 (31 in March)
    EAS: 30 November 2014 (Can get out as soon as 3 June 2014)

    Since this is an on the spot hire are they just bypassing medical, interview, background before sending out TOLs after submitting the paperwork attached to the email? Any help understanding all of this would be great. Thanks in advance.

    Apply vra, put cali down, cross fingers. Prolly a 5% chance u get it. 40% la center 40 Oakland.

    So get cpc wherever and transfer.

    It's a lot tougher to get to the 12's right away now adays
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