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  • Hello phillyman how are you, I was reading the tread on stuckmic, yours and Michael cash I do have a questions off line if you don't mind. my name is Bo I recently retired. If you could call me I would appreciate it 561-762-6892 thanks much!
    Hey thanks for the information. Would love to listen to any more help/insight you have.
    What's up man? Yea it's going great. Just finished stage 2. On to my a-side now. So just pulling strips and getting coffee. Lol
    How long will it take? About four semesters total, three to go?

    They had a posting up on the FAA jobs site for something having to do with HF... can't remember what it was now. I'm sure it'll be pretty useful down the road. Anyway, just curious.
    wow thats awesome! Congrats on getting picked up! hope your interview goes good. You would probably know better than me, but i think that there is a topic here that has the interview questions word for word so that could def help your studying. From reading on here it looks like ZJX has a pretty long wait, so thats a great thing you got that RPO job... and yea that pay is great!
    unfortunately nothing for me. I networked but I didn't use all the resources I have here due to timing issues. But congrats on FL bud, thats pretty sweet. And on top of that your already going to OKC, so you got it made! Although, how does your new job few you leaving in a few months? I already talked to my boss about it and he pretty much said that thats what he expected anyways
    Congrats on the RPO job. I just got one too at MCO. You graduated from Riddle right? in 2010? Hear anything with the panel?
    Hmm, can't say I knew anyone by your name. I'm a May '10 grad and I can't say I enjoyed any of the times I walked on runways down there lol
    I take it by the obnoxious profile colors that you're a Riddle grad. What year & do I know you??
    You trying to get picked up at home? PNE has some inbound controllers in a couple months, but there are several folks there that are bouncing out soon and the rest wont be long behind. My point is that there is a good chance at getting PNE. Anyway, PNE ATM is always looking for people and he is very cool. Hope you get in back in the 215.
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