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    Philly Tower PHL

    Yeah finally headed home, looking forward to it
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    Philly Tower PHL

    Any of you scumbags got any insider info on PHL? Working conditions, seniority, management relations, etc...?
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    Moving Leave Time?

    It's probably just staffing contingent. Go into WebSchedules and look at the Leave Calendar. How many leave slots a day does your area get? For example, if there are 6 guaranteed leave slots per day for your area and you go into the Leave Calendar and see less than 6 people on the days that...
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    Military to FAA Without a CTO

    Take it from someone who paid out-of-pocket for Embry-Riddle...the FAA has pretty much diluted any advantages CTI schools once held to satisfy imagined diversity quotas that havent materialized. Your best bet is to use your CTI degree for something useful (like a flight degree, safety, or...
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    New York JFK

    JFK - Facility Swap Request
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    Facility Swap Request

    Anyone looking to get to JFK, I'm trying to get to PHL if anyone knows anyone that blows anyone You still lurking you chickenfukker?
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    Polite Way to Decline Radar Vectors

    Suggest you try driving sometime. You can go 60 groundknots and most even have rear-view mirrors. (kidding)
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    Nope. I'm an imperialist white American looking to rape and pillage, if you ask most locals. "We hate Americans...but we'll take that tourism money tho..."
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    Whats the Craziest “how Did That Person Make It Through the Accademy” Academy Story.

    You can't believe everything you read on the Internet. That's how WWI got started.
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    Sorry, I was busy punching police horses. SJU is an easy checkout...less than 6 months when I was there. Living in Puerto Rico has its ups and downs...loved the island but hated the people. As for the people at the tower, most are pretty laid-back. FacRep KY is pretty good. Money, you're...
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    Whats the Craziest “how Did That Person Make It Through the Accademy” Academy Story.

    My roommate from Kim's Place drank 2 Four Lokos, ate 3 Tide pods, and railed the fattest line of Ajax in the bathroom right before PVs...I haven't heard from him since the ambulance took him away but rumor has it that he once worked the arrival push at C90 with a light gun.
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    Academy Myths Debunked and Advice Offered

    Mothafuckas be throwing around the "Dream job" label a little too much around here. Try spending a few years in the agency and you probably won't feel that way.
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    St. Thomas Tower - STT

    And I gotta pay city tax on the shaft, too