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    Ft. Lauderdale, Fl - FXE

    level 6, 20.79 locality, looking to swap. If your interested let me know.
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    4/20/12 enroute basics

    Hey jbaker congrats man hope all goes well lol
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    phone call today 3/9

    my brother got the call also, im already at the academy and my instructor said its most likely good news since they contacted and asked you guys cause when i got hired i never got a phone call just an email asking what states i prefer so good luck to everyone hope you make it to oklahoma if you...
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    First day of class - Drive or take shuttle?

    as long as you get to the office at 7 i beleive that was the time we had to be there no matter how long the id process takes your fine, no matter what u do you will get a parking pass and a yellow badge day one. dont get there too early the line at the gat takes all of 4 minutes.
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    02/16/2011 Tower

    driving from south fla 2morrow at like 4 in the morning and staying at kims place so see ya there
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    02/16/2011 Terminal

    what day you getting there im arriving on the 13th driving from south florida to memphis tn spending the night on the 12th and then finishing up the drive on the 13th, cant wait.
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    02/16/2011 Terminal

    lol cant wait, golf and beer hell yes lol
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    02/16/2011 Terminal

    sweet cant wait to start im glad someone else has this date was getting worried if i was given the right date or not cool well you play golf or no?
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    02/23/2011 - Terminal

    pubnat 8 i think
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    02/16/2011 Terminal

    orrrrrrrr not lol
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    what up capt? i have been talkin to you to you for a bit and we will be at the academy around...

    what up capt? i have been talkin to you to you for a bit and we will be at the academy around the same time, congrats on the baby as well also im in the reserves, dont know if that means n e thing but atleast its something you have in common with another atc. been in since 2007, well ill talk to...
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    Study Groups

    when are you going to be there in okc?
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    Study Groups

    anyone going around feb? I need to get a round of golf in as soon as i can lol whose down to join?
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    02/23/2011 - Terminal

    I'm staying at kims place bringing the eife and what will be our 6 month old, im headed to fort lauderdale exec.
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    Good pediatrician in OKC?

    ya the wife and i are excited itll be nice to be out of florida for a little while but im not looking forward to the cold.