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    If anyone can point me in the right direction of the KSAT NATCA rep that would be great.... Thank you.
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    ATC Consistecy Review

    Has anyone been contacted by AFPC for this review. Hoping to get a copy of the questionnaire. Thanks a lot SPS.
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    Does anyone know how to change the chime on the ETVS? PO KRND
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    San Antonio Tracon

    Thanks for the insight, helped a lot. I emptied my inbox..... PO
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    San Antonio Tracon

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could share information about schedules, traffic and daily life for the controllers and any thing else you can share. Thanks Paul
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    DOD and using your GI BIll while in OJT training?

    Has anyone used there GI bill while in training for a DOD job kind of like the FAA controllers do while in OJT? Thanks
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    Final Monitor Controller

    Does anybody know once u get checked out in final monitor does that qualification get documented on you pink card? Some people at my location say no because it's not a radar function.
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    Final Monitor Controller

    No the controller just monitors the plane down final making sure they don't wonder into the NTZ.
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    Final Monitor Controller

    Those who work FMC, is this considered a radar function if performed in the tower cab? At Rnd we have a FAA approach control but do the FMC in the tower it doesn't seem like a tower rating? Thoughts. Thanks
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    Hey man hope u landed a job!!

    Hey man hope u landed a job!!
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    I think Eglin controllers are supervisors if I remember right??? We are just line controllers at RND. LOL
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    Not yet, but hopefully soon. I really think we should be, the way it was originally setup was way wrong.
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    Are there any GS12 towers in the DOD system that anyone knows of? Trying to get my tower upgraded...
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    what up Buck!!!

    what up Buck!!!
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    Potential DOD Openings?

    Opening at RND within the next two months.....