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    Video: Gippsland Airvan Flight Trial

    It does look like a 207. I wonder if it's cheaper. That would pretty much be my dream plane. Pretty impressive short-field landing, but I'd like to know what kind of take-off performance it gets. As if I could afford one anyway, but if you're going to dream, why not do your homework? :)
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    02/27/12 En Route

    Yes. If you have reservations there and have filled out the little online form from her website, she'll send you a welcome email with confirmation and directions and such. We just got our travel docs yesterday in the mail.
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    02/27/12 En Route

    Me and 2 other ZAN guys (all from AK) are in this class. I'm staying at Kim's with one of the guys. The other is at IB's.
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    FAA class dates catalog

    Same exact story, but for ZAN.
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    dispatch question

    I completed my dispatcher training and took the exam when I turned 21. I worked as a flight follower for a part 135 air ambulance company who flew Lears and Citations until I finally got my license in the mail. There are lots of part 135 companies who hire "flight coordinators/flight followers"...
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    Jump seat privileges

    I'm a dispatcher and I'm in CASS, but I'm still limited mostly to carriers which have a reciprocal agreement with my company. Granted, it's not the largest company in the industry, but it's Part 121. I can't fly on Frontier, Delta, American, or United. I've flown on Alaska, U.S., Hawaiian, Air...
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    Is picking Hawaii a waste of time? Are there ANY "waste of time" states?

    It's a moot point, and I'm VERY greatful I got picked up by ZAN, but I do wonder if they would consider Alaskans similarly at PHNL. Alaskans have sort of the same plight as Hawaiians, being so far-removed from the other states. The difference is obviously the lattitude and associated temps...
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    Alaska TOLs

    I got my paperwork via email yesterday. Now just waitint for the school to send the copy of the college transcript. I already emailed the other paperwork back, so hopefully the TOL will be in the next couple of weeks. (ZAN)
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    :D Thanks, man! Congrats on Texas! It's going to be an exciting ride! I hope you have a great...

    :D Thanks, man! Congrats on Texas! It's going to be an exciting ride! I hope you have a great time and pleanty of success!
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    Hahaha! Alaskaaaaaa!!!!!! :d

    Hahaha! Alaskaaaaaa!!!!!! :d
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    Still waiting for ATC 1st email?

    right on!!! congratulations!! WOOOHOOO!
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    Alaska update

    Just got a letter to interview at ZAN!! CTI
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    Still waiting for ATC 1st email?

    Just got mine! - Anchorage Enroute (ZAN) Alaska CTI! woot!
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    Getting an answer

    Well I know that if I applied for Alaska and they mistakenly gave me Arkansas I'd be royally pissed.
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    Getting an answer

    Way to go! Maybe we'll be in the same class!