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    Medicine for the Common Cold While Working

    What's the best cold medicine to take and still be able to work? So far, I've found Tylenol Cold + Head Congestion Severe. It's active ingredients are Phenylephrine HCI, Guaifenesin and Acetaminophen. Each of those ingredients individually are allowed according to, NATCA's...
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    Boeing 777 crash at KSFO

    This incident has me wondering if the MSAW sounded in the tower, and whether or not the local controller issued a low altitude alert. Can't say how many times I've observed the MSAW sound and people working an aircraft will look out the window and determine whether or not they should issue an...
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    DFW Towers

    Overall, I'd say this is a pretty good place to work. I do think some people forget just how good it is. There's a lot of procedures to learn, classroom training for each position usually takes between 2-3 weeks with a certification in the tower simulator for ground and local. Checkout times...
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    DFW Towers

    We're getting about 7-9 people over the course of 5 months or so. Can't remember the exact numbers I read from read/intial briefing a while back.
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    Dallas Fort Worth Tower - DFW

    We work in both towers, typically starting and ending our weeks in the West tower. We have something like 70 controllers, give or take 5.
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    Sleeping Air Traffic Controllers

    Just had a thought, that in the midst of all the proposed budget cuts and the FAA supposedly proposed to being cut $300 million, isn't all this bad news of controllers sleeping good promotion for why they shouldn't receiving budget cuts? I mean they're already staffing towers with normally 1...
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    Wake Turbulence (simplified)

    One thing I find confusing is the intersecting flight path rule as it applies to wake turbulence. For example, if a heavy or 757 departs lets say the west side of an airport that is eastbound, and you have traffic waiting to depart off the east side that is eastbound, which rules applies: The...
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    Filing Direct or via navaids?

    I would file direct and see what we issue you on Clearance Delivery, and this is based on our computer flight data that spits out a PDR (Preferential Departure Route). If it's a destination you will routinely fly to, have your company refile the way that ATC cleared you last time. Of course...
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    Hey there, just saw your message today. Sorry for the late reply as I rarely check this site...

    Hey there, just saw your message today. Sorry for the late reply as I rarely check this site. As you may have heard in the news about the recent JFK controller and his child incident, facility tours have become more difficult to arrange. I'll talk to my supervisor today and run it by her to...
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    Fairbanks Intl ATCT/TRACON - FAI

    How can a contoller with 27 yrs. not get picked up on a tdy to fai?
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    Barely hanging in there

    Why do others care about what reasons people have to be a good controller or to make it in this field? If you can show up, do the job and be dependable, then who cares? People have their different reasons and if money is one of them, again, who cares - just so long as they can do the job...
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    Controllers and marriages

    Haha, is it a good/bad thing when the person you're marrying is a lawyer and doesn't want a pre-nup? Texas is a community property state so whatever retirement she gets, I'd get half too if we divorced. Not to mention she'll probably make more money than me in the long run of our careers...
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    Is the green book back?

    Supposedly some day last week from what I read under FAA Today, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood was scheduled to have a meeting with President Obama that very day about settling the labor dispute with controllers. I know it's nothing to signify going back to the green book as a...
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    AT-SAT score? University? Accumulative GPA?

    University of Utah grad 3.2 cumulative UAA CTI grad 3.58 cumulative ATSAT taken and scored 88.2 Hired under OTS Selected for DFW ATCT