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    Denver Center - ZDV

    Got a question for anyone who might know: I'm hoping to get an offer for ZDV or any level 10-12 facility in the Denver area. Does anyone here have suggestions on who to talk to for hiring? The panels are coming up later this month. I called a couple facilities in the area awhile back but...
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    Referral List predictions:

    anyone from the most recent (still open) CTI announcement have the referral lists posted on ASAP? I know the PUBNAT ppl have theirs up as of yesterday.
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    taking bets on referral list and offer emails..

    Close Date: 12/10/08 Referral Lists Created: 12/23/08 But yeah, this announcement is supposedly different. Someone checked with HR who said that CTI applicants for the current announcement would be pulled as needed for upcoming panels. It would suck if we had to wait til the fall when the...
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    taking bets on referral list and offer emails..

    can't remember when the last one closed for CTI, but I got word within a couple weeks on the referral list. This announcement in different, as other threads have talked about, since it sounds like they're just going to pull applicants from the middle of a yearly CTI announcement for each of the...
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    taking bets on referral list and offer emails..

    do all the referral lists get posted at the same time? The current CTI posting is ongoing. My page doesn't list any referral lists yet tho. Anyone here apply to CTI announcement 12655 and have anything show up yet?
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    Facility Selection Notifications are going out - who got what

    Was hoping my first post could be an addition to chichi's list of offer locations... but pretty much got the exact same thing as above. Thnx to Boomer as well tho, for the reply info. Same question, anyone know why they can't disclose our assigned facilities when the majority seem to be...