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    Housing is Packed

    Lol yeah. They keep us separated from the rest of you so it doesn't spread the crazy.
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    Pink Card Info

    It should have the date you graduated tech school showing you passed ATC school. Other than that the FAA doesn't require any certification on your pink card. You only get those from non-tower ratings.
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    I got a redirect from NV terminal to UT terminal. Yay!
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    I got a class date!

    Not sure yet. I don't wanna bug my rep a ton. I'll find out when I find out. They're all in the same place anyway.
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    I got a class date!

    Polygamy! Ha. Overrated. I'm from Utah so ill just have to get used to seeing the five wives and twenty kids running around wal mart again.
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    I got a class date!

    Got a call today for a redirect to SLC, UT. Rep said there's definitely a bid coming out in feb and they're trying to push people with TOLs through
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    Second Class Medical or ATC Physical

    Depends on the doctor. My ATC examination for the FAA was much more in depth than my class 2 physical. My class 2 did not require an EKG for example. The ATC medical did.
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    Elite member

    Having trouble renewing my membership. When I'm redirected to the Paypal site, I get this message:"Invalid Regular period. You must specify valid values for the A3, P3, and T3 parameters for a subscription." I selected the annual option, but it seems to have an error once I get to the Paypal...
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    CTO Card Question for Fools

    Try here. If its still on file with them you can request another one. I lost mine once and had to get a new one. It wasn't difficult. If the army reported to the FAA that it was revoked when you separated then you may run into problems. Good luck. Airmen Certification - Replace an Airmen...
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    AF ATC Question

    Good luck! Pm sent.
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    Do I really want this in control of my life?

    I had to do an sf-86 for my contract job. A lot of people on here say that wont work for the FAA. It worked for me.
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    Kim's reviews

    I know I plan on staying at Kim's. :)
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    Kim's reviews

    I don't have anything against any providers or this site. However, I can see where Mikefsfr is coming from. If no bad reviews are allowed on this site due to moderation, how can a place have anything but good stars/reviews? That's not usually how reviews of a product or service works. You see...
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    Must Read 4 Those On AD Thinking VRA!

    It's all good. I know there is a bunch of talk about the FAA going to Regions or Service areas. Just didn't want what you were saying to confuse anyone. The FAA is still using states when you choose a preference of location. Service Areas...
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    Must Read 4 Those On AD Thinking VRA!

    Are you talking about states? For the sake of not confusing a TON of people on this site, you should use "state" not "region". :) Congrats on getting picked up the first time you tried. You are in no way obligated to tell any of your leadership that you don't plan on re-enlisting until you...