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  • I'll be heading to WSMR as my first duty station here at the end of the month. Just givin you a holler to see if you have any pointers. Thanks!
    Lol loud n clear. So i got medically dq'd from atc bogusly...fought it for a year...and now am going to go do atc in the reserve. Probably at march lol.
    Congratulations man! ...like, officially this time. I just noticed I already wrote one of these for you, but whatever, celebrating twice is good.
    It's all rainbows and sunshine from here man. The wait still sucks, but no more nerves about whether you'll actually get selected. Course, as a VRA, you won't have to sit around as long as the OTS and CTI crowd... another vet perk.

    We'll keep a seat warm for you in OKC.
    Hey, a Master's a Master's. I didn't know Phoenix had that arrangement; sounds like a pretty sweet gig to me. You weren't ever out at Edwards, were you?
    Where you doing the MBA at? I'm starting to lean towards taking a shot at a Master's too...

    Yeah, took one for Palmdale. Whatever'll get this wait over with. You understand the feeling, I'm sure.
    Hey, drop me a PM if you want a contact in NM or TX. I've got more useful ones in the latter. Might help, might not, but better than starting cold if you feel like spending some time on the phone.

    And if you want to know places to not live in Seattle, hey, I've got that too. Er, cause I kind of ended up living near one. D'oh.
    hey dude i see alot of your post and i have heard you say that contract is no hope, it took me 45 days from day of application to starting contract how did i do it? it helped that im a left coaster cause serco is the only way to go midwest is hard to get in robison aviation yeah right give up there but if your closer to the west this is what you do apply to every single opening for atc on there website make sure you submit a resume, even if you dont want to go there cause they will like that your willing to go anywhere but they will try to keep you close to were you live if you know any one that works for them make sure you use them as a referance vfr tower its great exp and if all else fails with the faa your still controlling and making about 30 bucks an hour i hope this helps but when i was contacted by serco they said that they saw that i applied to each and every job that came out the day it came out and basically asked me were i wanted to go!
    Hey I'm In ALB too. I was origionally hired for ZAB but was redirected to ZHU Houston. Where are you wanting to go in NM?
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