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  • I see that you're a controller at Socal. I'm really interested in becoming a member of your guy's crew. Have any suggestions or advice on how a prior USAF controller can get hired at SCT!!!
    Finally a cpc at a80 how's Shane and collin doing. By the way wade gotvwashed out he's rated in charlotte now
    Hey, I am a SCT hopeful, have had my ERR in since February. When I toured in March the rep said they were taking 20 more in FY2011. Any idea how that process is going?
    Thanks for the reply. I have a friend in Empire that was in the meeting and he told me the same thing. I hope having a Tol will lock me in, but my concern was that the HR rep is pretty much saying no more new hires going to SCT this FY. Oh well, not much I can do but sit back and wait. I left a message with the ATM, just waiting on a call back. What area do you work in?
    Hey Radium, I read you post in another thread about SCT picking up 20 Vra/Ots/Cti/etc... in fy2011 and only CPC-IT in fy2012. Do you have an idea of how many of those 20 have been hired so far? The reason I ask is that I have had a ToL for SCT since June 2010, and the HR rep now tells me that the powers that be pulled all 8 slots he had for the rest of fy 11'. I am a VRA hire from RIV. Thanks for any insight you may be able to give me.
    Hey is Shane and Colin rated yet or anyone else in our class other then u by the way contests on cpc
    Hello radium.
    I've read your posts on the military AF ATC and you know what your talking about. I am 20 years old, currently attending school for aviation administration ATC program. I was thinking if i finish my 2 year degree(for atc its only an AA) i go in the military AF with my degree. Will that help me? or just go in and apply for GUARANTEE ATC. I was reading quite a bit and the keys is GUARANTEE and if the recruiter does not give me the guarantee ATC then just walk away.

    Please write back. Thank you radium
    It's cool in training for my next two positions will be cpc probably feb of next year how's evrybody else there and have u heard from perry at pxt
    I had not heard of CycleGadgets.com, but thanks for the link. They seem to have some interesting inventory, and some of their prices don't seem to bad.
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