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  • i signed up for the airforce in october. still waiting for my afsc. appaerently the month i signed up, job booking closed for seniors in high school, so im expecting job drops in a few weeks tro sometime next month. my recruiter pretty much guarentees me that im getting air traffic control unless NOTHING comes out between now and august. (EXTREMELY low chance)
    lol yea its mess - hey dude you think you could hook me up with some info on applying to the FAA?

    I wanna send in my application 6 months out but if they call with a job before i go on terminal are they flexible? can i keep the job and go to the school house later? What kind of interviews and stuff do you have to do?
    hahah Hintz whats up man! I just got on this site and a whiteman post... i knew it was you haha

    why you gotta be talkin shit bout SZL man? haha
    Thanks they emailed my FOL letter yesterday at like 6 pm. See ya in OKC
    Did you get your FOL through email or in the mail im also going Oct 15th VRA terminal.
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