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    Buying a House when CPC Transfering

    We washed a girl @ SCT right after she bought a house. Not cause the house, but because she needed to be washed out. I just cpc-it'd to a new facility.... and I'm not gonna buy till im close to certified. Prolly wont wait till all the way done, but maybe half (including the hard ones)
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    From Navy to Faa

    is it just me or does he have NO qualified CERTS? maybe I read it wrong... its not just 52 weeks doing atc, you need 52 weeks certified on correct scopes/positions
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    Wave of Federal Retirees coming?

    I wish they would go already....I want better days off and/or more overtime
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    Help.....Relocation with a TOL

    Correct. They will tell you to go f yourself. Currently you are insanely replaceable. It's prolly in your best interest to be long distance for a while... visit on weekends while you both get settled...then you can apply for a transfer once you start at jax. Let's say you quit cause the faa...
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    RTF: Should it be Pass/Pass or Pass/Fail?

    Meh, pass/pass... cause even if you wash from sct, you still gonna need rtf when you go to your lvl 7/8 updown. If they placed people properly, pass pass wouldnt be an issue.... its the faa s fault for sending joe McDonald s to a 12 tracon...
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    Direct Hires or Skipping the Academy?

    The acad is worth going to regardless of experience
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    Long callups and misleading readbacks?

    But I guess thats just me personally... cause it seems when the vfr calls with everything... we are never ready to copy down all that stuff... Plus there are two different ways to tag you up at sct, local or leaving the local
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    Long callups and misleading readbacks?

    Socal, n12345 with a vfr request.
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    DUI??---wife is in app process ???

    Oh calm down, its just a lil teasing. Welcome to atc
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    Sequester Conspiracy

    Speaking of conspiracy... any word on back pay or free leave? Us 1st week furlough guys took the hit and 2nd week ones get the hook up?
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    Air National Guard ?

    Where did u go guard wise from indy? St Joe?
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    Air National Guard ?

    You save pay. So instead of eX pay ull still make ur $, so my buddy in the ang from a lvl12 Said
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    Tour at my future facility, input?

    a guy sent our natca pres a bottle of booze after a visit