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  • But my TOL for a LV7 facility says otherwise. Little worried about a downgrade to 6. A 7 is ok as entry into the FAA and an eventual pay bump from GS-11... not 6 though.
    hey ramstar,
    saw your post and gota say was impressed with the amount of offers and timeframe you got them. i applied to midwest and i am trying to get info on how to apply to serco. any advice on getting picked up by midwest or how to apply to serco would be greatly appreciated. im thinking my resume is weak....i did it myself. please help!!
    im not sure about everyone but i know dustin has been back to okc for rtf, dan went back but still hasnt started training radar. not sure about the ones who went to mci.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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