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    New Housing Per Diem Policy Starting 06/01/2019

    Theoretically, yes. In practice, it might be tricky to convince a housing provider to give you a lower rate. Since new hires are the vast majority of their business, places like Kim's and IB that used to offer lower rates are adjusting their prices and offerings to make it worth the full $57 per...
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    New Housing Per Diem Policy Starting 06/01/2019

    Policy currently only applies for non-BUE new hires. BUEs coming back for RTF can continue to pay the old way.
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    Opposite Direction Operations to Parallel Runways

    This is in the LOA of every tower underlying N90.
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    ATO Y2020 Schedule

    It's currently being explored, but it doesn't seem likely at this point - the FAA had to jump through several legal hoops to be allowed to open a N90-specific bid, and one of the main concessions was that people picked up on that bid can only be sent there. In fact, there's even talk that...
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    4/4 2019 TRACON Basics

    April 4 or September 4? Not sure what you’re trying to ask - the TRACON classes this year are much smaller than previous years and I know they’re full through at least July, so being offered a September date makes sense.
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    Out of curiosity, would a CPC at a TRACON or Center be eligible to work at a contract tower, or do you need to have a CTO? And if so, is there any way to get it without ERRing to a Tower for your last few years before retirement?
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    N90 OTS Announcement

    Yeah, even if we were sent home, I think you’d end up breaking even at the worst case, and would likely still come out ahead. So as long as you have the savings to weather a missed check or two, the lease is probably still the better move financially. I’m sure we’ll find out within a week or...
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    N90 OTS Announcement

    For whatever it’s worth, keep in mind that places like Anatole, IB, and Kim’s are offering their students free housing for however long the shutdown goes. I’d be very surprised if a leased place extended the same courtesy, and if you were to be sent home due to a lengthy shutdown, you could...
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    N90 OTS Announcement

    Pretty sure I saw someone on here with a 7/1/19 date from this bid.
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    July 27th 2018 OTS Bid Announcement

    My understanding is that your age is locked when the bid closes, but at the worst case it would lock upon receiving a TOL. So you probably have a shot at this bid as well as the rumored January OTS bid before you'd age out.
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    N90 OTS Announcement

    Interesting, I've heard mixed reviews about that place. What made you pick there? And did you get a sense of how many might be in your class - is it only 6 like we've heard, or is it definitely more?