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    PUBNAT 8 is OUT!!

    You generally receive your TOL about 6 weeks after being offered a job. (I could be off on the timeline, somebody smarter than I am please correct me if wrong.) And that is before the serious background check. That is why it is a tentative offer, after all the other stuff is done, you would...
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    PUBNAT 8 is OUT!!

    You have to have your TOL (Tentative Offer Letter) by the time you are 31.
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    Part of ATSAT That Makes you most Nervous

    I can't remember what I was most nervous about, but the analogies were HARD. I won't even say hard, but impossible. (At least for me, I know we have some real geniuses on here that will tell you they were soooo easy.)
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    Pubnat 7's - Other career prospects & positive thoughts

    Re: Pubnat 7's - Other career prospects? I'll keep dispatching. Love my job, so don't want to change unless its for something better!
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    AT SAT Question

    Same here. No update on my ASAP, but I took it for 7. I've been wondering, but I'm not too worried. I'm sure it'll update soon enough.
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    Anyone get their AT-SAT invite yet? / How many applicants?

    If you have taken it in the last year, it will say "You have not been selected to take test", just because you are ineligible to re-take. You will, however, still be in the pool with the score you already have.
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    Where will you choose to work for PUBNAT8?

    They look at your most recent only, from what I understand. So, if you retake it again, and score a 72, that's what they'll see. 94.8 is a very good score, IMO, and I wouldn't chance retaking it, until it expires.
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    Anyone get their AT-SAT invite yet? / How many applicants?

    Did ASAP update or did you just get an e-mail?
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    How many OTS applicants have aviation experience?

    10 years in dispatch. (My husband has 25 years in aviation, but I don't think that has anything to do with my chances.) As far as helping me get the job....I don't have a clue, I can see it going either way.
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    PUB 7 AT SAT score

    That's what I'm talking about!
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    PUB 7 AT SAT score

    Alright you guys who tested 07/09.....we're gonna need to know when you get your scores. :tap:
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    Pubnat 7 Panel Info here

    I believe it was SoCal.
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    Aviation Inspector???

    Re: Aviation Inspector?? What kind of questions do you have? I might just have a husband that has his IA. ;)
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    PUBNAT7 Application Timeline Questions. Any Answers?

    Unfortunately, nobody knows 100% what the timeline will be. Even if the rumors of August panels are true (which, I'm just going to go ahead and believe, because it makes me feel better), there is no telling when classes for those picked up will be. 5/6ers are being told no more classes until...
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    PUBNAT7 Geo. Prefs. are out!

    Re: Geo pref emails I agree, I don't think 8 will be combined, just can't tell with this process. I just wanted to throw that out there.