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  • Hey how are you ? I am getting out of the air force in 20 months and interested in a job in honoulu. what can you tell me about HCF? Thank you

    Thanks. It's been about that long for me. I think I applied August 08. Can't remember exactly. Why did you get redirected after getting your FOL? Did you request a new location or did they just change it?
    I'm an admin? Maybe I wasn't paying attention? Uhh... I'll check into that...

    Hey, on a totally unrelated note, we're probably moving up to Seattle from Texas early February. We might pass through your area, if you're up for lunch or doing strange things with mushrooms or whatever.
    Heh, that's funny. Can't help, though. They didn't pick a new admin after you were done, and I don't think mods can do it. Even if we can, they've been tinkering around with stuff lately and the ModCP link has disappeared... there's still a way to get there, I just don't know what the address is for it.
    I'm happy you enjoyed the scrumptious fungus.

    I'm taking the word yummage, because I like it and I can!
    Sweetness! As long as you have a porcelain deity around for me to use and abuse, it's on:D Oh by the way, was just wondering how the mushroom hunt went?? Hope it was a huge success of deliciousness!!
    I was having a prolific moment of seeing your magnificence shine through the computer screen while reading an insightful post of yours:D The jug of wine really did it for me...
    I just thought I'd stop by your lovely page here, and say that I think you're really cool dude, congrats;)
    Hi...when is your academy date? I know how you feel, i'm waiting for my FOL too. Hang in there!!
    Yeah... got really tied up with work and flight lessons lately. Parents visiting, dog got sick, etc etc.

    It's weird when you're away from SM for a week or so, you feel behind the curve.
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