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  • Hey, keep me posted on what its like in OKC, good luck to you!!! How long is your school supposed to be anyways???
    Hey RdRunnr, just checkin in on your progress. I haven't heard much news lately, so I thought I'd see where you were at. I'm callin HR tomorrow to see what's on the boards. Hit me back.
    Are you in the Denver area? I'd like to get together if you are. Talk union/management shit, if your up for it. Pm me.
    I can see it now...we call up S.F. and let her know that we know she called all the ZOA people because their numbers were cut and that we've done the leg work and have all the ZDV and ZSE people lined up and ready to attend on that date. We even got a ZBW guy. She would think we are so great for taking care of that.

    Try it, let me know what she says.
    15 people could almost fill a class! Let's team up with another facility! Once we found others, call HR and tell them we did all of the work for them! They'll appreciate it!
    Your predictions are flawed! Haha. Make the right prediction this tims or you're going to get beat! With a bull whip.
    Don't hate me but when I talked to him yesterday I asked him to see if ATCtower was on there also since I had his last name. PM me yours and I'll try to see if you're on it. I haven't had a response yet as for mine and his names on the FY 2010 list.
    Received a call from my relative yesterday who does contract work (airplane texting software) for the FAA. One of his buddies is the Training Manager for ZDV and is in DC (where my relative works) and said he was going to see if I am on the FY 2010 list. He then said that there are 15 more slots open for this FY. You're welcome.
    Ya I have done some backcountry skiing on the Pacific Crest trail, not worth spending money at a resort yet. Backcountry is the only way to fly up here, pretty stable snowpack and easy access from seattle. I cant stand the crowds so its nice to get out.
    Any news on ZDV my friend? Rumor has it Seattle is only taking 2 out of the 20 hired for FY10.... 10 months til FY11! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
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