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  • OK... let's see. First off, I am changing it to Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. Secondly, I can't find/don't have my TOL I signed but another copy. When I first looked at the TOL it had some other date listed but this other printout says August 4th. So I don't know but I just remember an earlier date.
    Yeah. I am waiting for SF to call me first. I think that... since our TOLs are all dated for June something, then it may not matter what day we went to PEPC. I'll take a case of Sam Adams.
    Since you were nominated as direct contact to SF.... whatcha got? Better yet, I know you have no new news so.... just make something up.
    If you get a successful transfer to tower, let me know because I will be right behind you. Not in a gay way. Haha
    I nominate you to work your way up then become head of HR. Change the way they deal with applicants!
    no, sir. don't piss her off... well another week gone by........... next week is it! We get a class date!!
    It hurt. Like I tell ATCtower, I'm looking for a job out there right now. Who knows how long this process could take.
    Well, yes. Hopefully she truly didn't know. I interviewed for a part-time job today thinking it may pay around $9/hr but they only wanted to pay $7.25/hr. I know how much they pay since I formerly worked for them and have TONS of experience. Shit I was a supervisor making $4 more per hour. They literally dick-slapped me!
    how do you feel about SF deceiving you? dates were in the process of going up that day. ouch. BURN. she loves you not.
    hey, where do I look up my score...I took the test on the 24th in Baltimore and I don't see the score on the FAA ASAP website...is there somewhere else I should be looking? thanks--I forgot to ask the proctors when i finished the test
    Nothing new from Seattle either. At least I have a great job to get me to FY2011! Though I will have to keep battling the evil omelette.... Good luck!
    No Michladas yet.......the rain has set in for the next few months, so everyone is back to coffee. Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is check the radar since I work outside, and it always looks like there is a giant orange and red omelette devouring Seattle. Coffee makes sense I guess........or does it?? Any ZDV dates yet?
    No worries at all! People have their heads up their own ass and it annoys me. I know you were just trying to help with what information that you have learned.
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