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  • I kinda felt like she was saying that so I would leave her alone for a while. It's been impossible for me to get in touch with her for the last month. By the way my rep is Sharon Fairless. I wish they could give us class dates even if they are months away. I would feel better knowing I can move on with my life, say in February, rather than floating along like this getting fed scraps of information.
    I understand that we may be coworkers soon. Have you heard anything from your hr rep lately? I just talked to mine and she said that enroute classes are full until the first of the year. This sucks bad.
    Heh, yeah, I just called and told them I was quitting. They had lowered my pay without telling me, so I didn't feel like I owed them any favors. Ohhh snap.

    That'd be cool if my "job offer" got picked up, eh? Doubt it will, but it'll be cool to be on a site that's read by millions, haha.
    I'M SO BORED. Unemployment's better than the job I was in, but man, I need something to do other than StuckMic. I watch soccer all day on cable. Look at what I'm reduced to... writing random crap on your wall, or whatever this part is called. AAAHHHH
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