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    Temporary Employment

    Yeah, getting stuck with a mortgage payment would suck if you don't make CPC, but it would also suck to pay $100k extra for a house because the market rebounded in the 2 years it took to check out. Giant catch 22.
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    New Hires going to 10+ level facilities rumor dispelled...

    The other thing the HR guy didn't tell you is that his list probably has people on it from over 1 year ago when the "rule" was non-existent. Not sure if those people will wind up redirected or get grandfathered in. I think that one is still left to be seen.
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    Enroute Map and Non-Radar Problems

    Relax and enjoy the time you have before OKC. You will have plenty of time to study the map and OKC isn't all that interesting so beer drinking and studying is all that you find yourself doing. When the stars are alligned just right, you do them at the same time!
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    Do we get a PCS letter for and/or after OKC?

    You don't get a PCS letter only a TDY form. The TDY from did not work for me to get out of mine even though it's for > 90 days.
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    Bin Laden!!!

    THANK YOU service members who read this. You guys/gals are the best and just showed all our enemies that we will never stop pursuing those that cause us harm.
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    ERAM amendment command

    I'm confused, I'm pretty sure my facility (ZDV) has implemented ERAM. Our class at the academy is called initial w/ERAM. Are they just training us for the chance it becomes operational or is your facility just not ERAM yet? I'm just in basics right now so don't know too much about it.
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    Switching offers? ZMA-Chicago?

    I am actually at the academy right now and yeah, headed to Zdv. I was only asking for redirects because I was told 2 separate times that I may not get in till FY '12. I got my TOL is '09 so that just didn't sit well. It all worked out though, got my area assignment 2 days ago! See ya there!
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    Switching offers? ZMA-Chicago?

    Just because I'm bored I'll play really quick here. Is it? There are 10,000 people in line for this job, unemployment is at 10%, and people in line at nearly every facility. At this point, it could be considered a pretty unreasonable request due to the fact that everyone that has asked in...
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    Houston Center - ZHU

    I'm from SAT too and interviewed at ZHU. They have someone to interview you.
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    2010 October Panel FOLs

    There hasn't been anyone from SM go to Salt Lake center in a very long time. I'm here at the academy right now and think I may have heard that someone headed there is in training right now. I'm not 100% sure. As for my timeframe, it was almost 2 years from my selection date that I finally came...
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    Colorado- Who is still in the game

    Quick, not so great info for ZDV, our class are the last 4 headed there this fiscal year. Ops manager was here yesterday and told us.
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    Just completed interview, here is how it went...

    I'll give you another one when that comes. I've watched you go through quite a bit on here so you deserve a little now.
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    Just completed interview, here is how it went...

    Hey, I like the Broncos! Getting rid of Cutler was just stupid though. Oh how I love to hijack threads.