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  • Hi, I'm about to stay with you in January. My wife will be joining me at OKC will she be untitled to the same benefits as the academy members (lunch, gym, pavilion)? Is there an extra charge for more than one ocupent?
    Welcome to Isola Bella - When reserving on line your credit card will not be charged for the whole stay; as with most lodging properties, the card is run for a $1 charge to verify it is a good card. During your stay your card is charged two weeks at a time.

    The RedBaron
    Is putting in a credit card the only way to reserve online? I don't have enough funds in my credit card to cover a 3 month stay there. I tried calling twice, once they took my name and number and haven't gotten a call back yet and second was an answering machine. Not sure if you guys are too booked to let people in or I'm just calling at the wrong time and getting the wrong people.
    Im scheduled to begin my stay at isola bella this week. Ive stayed with you previously and had mixed experiences. Recently i have heard that there is no more alcohol permited in the pavilion. I will definitely be disappointed if i cant bring a few beers down on sunday to watch the game. Certainly doesnt feel like "the warm feeling of home" Especially since i cant even get in touch with anyone there over the phone anymore. More like the cold feeling of corporate greed these days at isola. Whats the deal??
    I have a long time friend who lives there and would be happy to give you some information. His name is Dr. Toby Williams. You can Email him at He has lived there his whole life. I have been gone many years.

    The RedBaron
    I have never been to Abilene! Would you recommend a certain part of town to live...or not to live? I've been searching for a place online but it's hard to tell which parts are nice.
    hi my name is jason dedrick i will be there from march 26 to may 12 i want to play in the golf tourney. i left a message on the machine.
    Your post are always so well thought out and I just wanted you to know that I appreciate all your efforts. It's not always easy pleasing everyone..but your interaction on this site is remarkable. Thanks David..
    Hope you have a good time in Chandler! I lived there for almost 2 years of my quick 4.5 year stay here in PHX
    Lived in Houston area 20 years; most of it in Conroe. Had a flight school at the Conroe airport.
    I moved to houston in march, my wife grew up here. The cessna is just a goal. I'm a flight instructor and just would love to buy a 182 and hopefully ATC will help me do that. I play occasionally, not very good though (but then again who really is?)
    Lost Canyons in Simi Valley is my "home course". but when i want to play spur of the moment its usually a muni, Woodley, balboa/encino, or hansen dam.
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