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  • It was a crash we had at our airport in Ca., What kind of room deal will you give me with rental car long term, the 29th thru-Nov 20th.
    Yes I have been to your place. The pavilion and all of the amenities are great. The rooms, however, are very SUB par. Great 2 br with w/d in bedroom closet (and thats not Ghetto?) The links at mustang creek and fairways at moore are 100 times nicer in the living areas...the place where you spend most time. My gf and I saw these before isola and when we did see your place, we thought it was a joke. The cost is the same plus they give free golf. I didn't post this publically because I don't want to curve any business for ya but don't act like your place is the best place and not in ghetto area as well. I would have loved isola if I were 19 again and didn't mind those living arangements.
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