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    03/13/2014 Tower

    Give reservations a call at 405-721-2194 option 1 and see what they can do. If nothing now they will put on a wait list. Availability is a fluid situation so things could change by tomorrow. PM me on how it goes. Cheers The RedBaron
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    03/13/2014 Tower

    The lower half of the Pavilion is 3/4 basement and we use it as the tornado shelter (has had some use over the years). Cheers, The RedBaron
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    03/13/2014 Tower

    A two bedroom, one bath at IB is $62.20 FAA Long Term Rate but availability is an issue. Cheers, The RedBaron
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    Bricktown President's Day Weekend Run From Isola Bella

    The weekend is coming and it is going to be a long one with Monday being President's Day. Isola Bella will be running a free Bricktown pub crawl shuttle Saturday evening. Departures from Isola Bella Pavilion (6446 N. Peniel Ave) at 7 & 9 PM with pick up from Bricktown Ball Park at 12 & 2 AM...
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    Isola Bella President's Day Car Rental Special

    You must be an Isola Bella guest to get the President's Holiday car rental special. The Lodge is a three bedroom, two car garage, townhouse. We have four of them, but they are all rented. Need to take them off Stuck Mic. Cheers, The RedBaron
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    03/13/2014 Tower

    There is no such requirement. Some hotels may ask for proof you are a student to get the FAA Rate, but generally speaking if you say you are a FAA Academy Student, no muss not fuss. Cheers, The RedBaron
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    Isola Bella President's Day Car Rental Special

    Wow, another holiday coming up. Isola Bella will have a car rental special for its ATC guests over the President's Day Holiday weekend. $20 for the weekend starting Friday when you get out of class until Monday evening. Subject to availability and proof of full coverage insurance required...
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    03/17/2014 Enroute

    A list of the shuttle routes is at Cheers, The RedBaron
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    03/17/2014 Enroute

    The FAA long term rate is $52.20/day and the short term rate is $87.00/day. Lodging providers that are on the FAA list agree to no short term cancellation charges so in theory one could book a long term stay and then check out early if they wanted to go elsewhere. Cheers, The RedBaron
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    02/11/2014 Tower

    Give the reservation center a call at 405-721-2194 and see what they can work out. Also you can book on-line. Or PM me with your name and I will see what I can make happen Cheers, The RedBaron
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    IB Booked

    Give the reservation center a call at 405-721-2194 a call and see what they can work out. When booking on-line use Promo code FAA. Or PM me and give me your name and dates and I will see what is possible. Cheers, The RedBaron
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    03/13/2014 Tower

    Love Corpus; used to keep a sail boat at Port Aransas. Cheers, The RedBaron
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    03/27/2014 Tower

    This is a class that will be in OKC for the Isola Bella Golf Tournament on April 27th. More details to come. Cheers, The RedBaron
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    Super Bowl Party At Isola Bella

    The big screens will be fired up and action going for the annual Isola Bella Super Bowl party. The day begins with Brunch 7 to 11 with the Bloody Mary Bar opening at 9. All of ATC is invited to brunch even if not staying at Isola Bella. Drink specials throughout the day with domestic bottle...
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    Buzztime Comes To Isola Bella

    Just started today! Cheers, The RedBaron