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    RVA is the worst contract tower to work for, change my mind.
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    RVA Job Openings

    XNA has been short a controller for over a year due to controllers coming and leaving. Also had issues with controllers being able to check out and off the street hires being able to pass a back ground check. Its a great place to work, 4th busiest contract tower for air carrier operations (Only...
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    RVA Job Openings

    You want in with the contract towers you gotta be willing to go where ever the job opening is, then work your way to where you really want to go. Current openings this week ROG FYV XNA SJT ARA
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    RVA Job Openings

    RVA is in need of controllers, multiple openings all over.
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    XNA Opening

    Send me a pm
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    XNA Opening

    Contract tower, must possess a CTO.
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    XNA Opening

    RVA has an opening for an external candidate at XNA.
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    CFR 4-3-4.e

    e. Call for Release (CFR). When CFR is in effect, release aircraft so they are airborne within a window that extends from 2 minutes prior and ends 1 minute after the assigned time, unless otherwise coordinated. When you call TMU for release and they give you a window of Example Released...
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    Weather Reporting: METAR Observation -> Time OR METAR Time -> Observation

    Why call it in? There is an FAA website you can go to and enter in all the information, that way you know it's right and FSS doesn't fat finger something.
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    Seniority and Schedule

    I am transferring from one NATCA FCT to another NATCA FCT. I have seniority on 2 current controllers at what will be my new facility. My question is this, Do I have to take the open schedule line or can I ask for a rebid of the schedule once certified?
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    Closure schedule

    College football game day traffic will get real interesting.
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    Life after ATC?

    So what's everyone planning to do, no that we have lost our jobs?
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    Contract tower closures

    So where did you read that? If you will turn on Cspan-2 you will see and hear that they are continuing consideration of HR 933 (continued Goverment funding past March 27). So I hate to tell you what you read was wrong, but it was wrong.
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    Contract tower closures

    If you go to the Senate website and look up HR 933, you'll see they invoked Cloture on S.AMDT.26 yesterday. They did not invoke it on HR 933. So more amendments will be considered over the next couple of days, Sen. Morans Amendment is S.AMDT.45. Bill Summary & Status - 113th Congress (2013...
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    Reclassing Army NG

    You can send me a pm as well, I would be happy to answer your questions about Army ATC.