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  • Hey, there is a new trailer park boys movie coming out "Trailer Park Boys 2: Countdown to Liqour Day..." It starts up here in a week, not sure when it'll be released in the states. The Trailer Park Boys Movie 2
    My plan on moving down to the states has been put on hold. Just recently got offered a position at the Toronto International Airport tower! Pretty pumped about the job, its the busiest airport in the country :)
    Have you heard anything yet.
    I was a pubnet 2 applicant as well and im still waiting.
    Just wanted to see if you've made any progress
    We have those here in H-Town and Tahoes that the 5-0 patrol in. I told myself that I''ll get rid of my Charger once I CPC in the FAA.
    Not sure how long it will be till I get a class date...I'm thinking about a year...good luck to you!
    Looks like a change of plans for me... I received a TOL of Denver TRACON (D01). Have you heard anything about a class date?
    I'm looking for someplace hot! Arizona is pretty much at the top of the list followed by Texas and California. I prefer the dry heat to humidity. I'd even go over to the middle east or Afghanistan, I'm just more or less looking for a change of scenery. I'm not getting any younger at 27 and if I don't go and have the adventure of living someplace different now, then I probably never will.
    Haha I'm not sure if TPB is still making new episodes. Haven't really followed it closely in the past few years, I used to watch it all the time for the first few seasons. I used to live out in Halifax and saw them filming on the city streets on a few occasions. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles do coast to coast comedy tours pretty much every year. Even Randy and Mr. Lahey do a bar tour haha.

    Are you a controller is the USA??
    epic fail on the hunt actually.. it's ok though, I got several arm-fulls earlier in the season when the chanterelles & hedgehogs & trumpets were coming up.:D yummage
    I'm flattered. Maybe we should hit the Sangria together sometime. i'll teach you how to slackline
    "Well, that statement about women "sucking." is partially true, only some women do that..."

    Oh my God, I LOVE YOU!!! Are you dating currently.....?
    Well not too I still haven't not heard from the FAA. I emailed my Rep last week but haven't heard back. I might try calling this week...I hope I'm able to get a hold of someone. I'm thinking it's going to be sometime next year before I get hired on. :rant: Oh well.....
    Nothing much, hows Atc treating you Vet,
    question coming from an aspiring atcer
    women suck

    hahaha jk:rotf:
    Man, we can be best friends for life now! Woo!

    I have no idea what the friends thing indicates. I think it's about equal in significance to the poke on facebook. But if you're ever in the bad part of town and get a flat, you know, send me a message and I'll come help out, I guess.
    lol.. tell me about it, i've been told by guys im mad aggressive and unapproachable at 1st...its funny but my husband is a a nyc police officer and my feistyness is what attracted him to me....not to mention im a sucker for a man
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